8 December 2023, Friday, 5:45
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Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Shadow Hanging Over Crimea: Russians Planning To Flee

Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Shadow Hanging Over Crimea: Russians Planning To Flee

Ukraine began the systematic destruction of strategic enemy targets.

Over the past week, Ukraine has carried out a number of attacks on military targets in the Crimea. The occupation authorities traditionally claim “no losses”, and the work of air defense, trying to hide the scale of destruction. So on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully defeated the command post of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. And the next night, the SSU and the Navy launched a large-scale fire attack on the Saki airfield in the Crimea. Reserve major of the National Guard of Ukraine, veteran of the Ukrainian-Russian war Oleksiy Hetman spoke on the air of Apostrophe TV about the importance of attacks on the Crimea and the role of Ukrainian partisans in these operations:

— As a result of a combined strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 12 enemy aircraft were damaged at the Saki airfield. This was definitely a prepared attack. The flight route was calculated there.

The work of the Ukrainian partisans who helped carry out this action should also be noted here. After all, many issues needed to be resolved not only regarding this airport, but also along the missile’s route. Therefore, the partisans reported which route was the best to overcome enemy air defenses.

As for the airfield itself, it is one of the four main airfields that the enemy uses to launch airstrikes on our territory. And the destruction of such landing strips may even be more profitable than the destruction of aircraft based on it. After all, the enemy has enough planes; they can replace them by transferring them from other air bases. Whereas the destruction of the runway can disable the airfield for a long time.

Destruction of the command post of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

When destroying the Russian command post in the Crimea, Storm Shadow missiles were used, no matter what the Russians say about drones. These missiles are interesting because they can explode with a certain delay after hitting the target. That is, even if it hits the bunker, the explosion will not occur on the surface. Thanks to kinetic energy, the missile will penetrate inside and explode there.

Storm Shadow already had “experience” in destroying bunkers: in 2012, the bunker of dictator Gaddafi was destroyed with the same missile. The command post of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was also a fortified place, but this did not help.

This hit showed two things. Firstly, this missile can destroy fortified structures. Secondly, satellite images of the destroyed object showed that the hit was very accurate, the deviation was less than 1 meter.

A serious command post was destroyed — and it was this destruction that frightened the Gauleiters of the Crimea more than the destruction of the aircraft. Not even a bunker can protect them. Perhaps we will soon see how the so-called authorities of the occupied peninsula will begin to urgently leave the peninsula on “some urgent business trips” or under other pretexts.

A barrier in the Crimea

To cut off the land corridor from Rostov to the Crimea, we do not have to go to the very coast of the Azov Sea. There in the south there is a railway, which is the main logistics chain through which supplies go to the Crimea and southern Ukraine. This railway runs from Volnovakha through Tokmak to Melitopol and then to Dzhankoy in the Crimea. When we start controlling this logistics route, and it should be recalled that the Defense Forces have 16 km left to Tokmak, the main supply of the enemy will cease.

And when we manage to advance to Melitopol and also take control of the road routes, we will not need to go to the coast of the Sea of Azov, since we will control all the enemy’s logistics. After all, the Russians have 75% of their supplies by rail, and only 25% by road. Then all that remains is to destroy the Crimean Bridge and they will be left without supplies of anything. And the enemy group will exhaust its own reserves in two, maximum three months.

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