8 December 2023, Friday, 5:58
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'Belarusian Intelligence': Belarusians To Be Gradually Banned From Travelling Abroad

'Belarusian Intelligence': Belarusians To Be Gradually Banned From Travelling Abroad

It is planned to close the "iron curtain" completely by the spring of 2024.

The Belarusian Intelligence telegram channel reports that Lukashenka has secretly set up a special working group "to prevent the leakage of human, intellectual/financial capital".

The group includes representatives of the Security Council, the Operational and Analytical Centre and the State Control Committee (SCC). Each agency presents its concept of containment.

The Security Council proposes limiting the number of trips of citizens who are in the reserve and plans to introduce a permissive system of military enlistment centres. They will also limit the number of young men on the pre-conscription list (schoolchildren of 10-11 grades) within the Ministry of Defence. Procedures for interaction between military commissions and the State Border Committee are being coordinated. The expediency and duration of trips for those liable for military duty will have to be coordinated with military commissions, and for schoolchildren - a complete ban on travelling until they enrol in educational institutions is possible. This is done only in order to prevent graduates from travelling to study at EU universities.

The Operational and Analytical Centre provides analysis by age and professional groups and makes proposals to restrict the migration of citizens. Their task is to reduce significantly and complicate professional emigration and the travelling of young people for studies. It is planned to introduce for all higher education institutions of Belarus the working off period of up to 3 years regardless of the form of education, which will significantly complicate the departure of applicants in the future.

It is planned to complicate the work of visa centres and introduce further generally prohibitive legislation. According to the draft laws, applicants wishing to leave for training will have to go through the commissions of the Executive Committees, which will decide on the feasibility. In this way the exit of applicants will be minimised.

Professional emigration will be discouraged by taxes and housing and utilities tariffs, child and parental support obligations. Appropriate legislation will be introduced.

The State Control Committee is making proposals for total control of capital exports, including the cash of individuals at border crossings.

"The conclusion is that the regime is working carefully to continue preventing the drain of human and material capital from the country. For those who have plans to emigrate, send children for education or export resources - the countdown has started.

According to our information, the restrictions will be introduced in stages. The full closure of the "iron curtain" is planned by spring 2024," writes Belarusian Intelligence.

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