1 February 2023, Wednesday, 18:28
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Putin Took Penultimate Step

Putin Took Penultimate Step

And for the ultimate step he can be eliminated.

The mobilization in Russia, announced by the president of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin, is the “penultimate step” that he can take in confrontation with Ukraine and the West. The ultimate step is the use of nuclear weapons.

But if the Russian dictator really dares to take this ultimate step, he may face physical elimination. This opinion was expressed by Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin in an exclusive interview with obozrevatel.com.

He drew attention to the fact that Putin's actions are irrational. “Instead of trying to fix the situation in some way, he only makes it worse. He does not try to maneuver within the space, even the narrowed one he has, but simply moves on. It's an amazingly irrational quality.”

“Mobilization is the penultimate step before the use of nuclear weapons, which makes the situation completely monstrous,” the human rights activist warned.

At the same time, he assured that the civilized world does not intend to go on about the aggressor. It will respond to fake referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine, and to mobilization, and to other actions of the occupier. At the same time, “compromise and uncompromising” solutions are considered.

“So far, Putin is following the path of an uncompromising response,” Feygin stated. Answering the question whether such an answer could mean physical liquidation, the human rights activist said: “If it comes to the use of nuclear weapons, nothing can be ruled out.”