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Political Prisoner Uladzimir Hundar Continues Hunger Strike In Punishment Cell

Political Prisoner Uladzimir Hundar Continues Hunger Strike In Punishment Cell

He was subjected to tortures.

Uladzimir Hundar, a 61-year-old defendant in the “Autukhovich case” from Baranavichy, started a dry hunger strike on June 29 in protest against the constant arbitrariness of the security forces, and the violation of his rights. Radio Svaboda writes about this with reference to his wife, Alena Hundar.

He is going to stop it after leaving the punishment cell, where he was placed for 10 days “for bad behavior” on June 30.

Last week, Uladzimir's relatives reported that because of his refusal to undress for X-rays before entering the courtroom, he was subjected to torture — the political prisoner was brought to court in his underpants, and his hands were fastened to the bars by the security officers.

According to Alena, after her husband was taken out of the courtroom on June 29, they first sent him to the so-called preliminary cell for the duration of the trial.

“There he was kept in handcuffs which were tightened so that Uladzimir’s hands were blue. He didn't hold back emotions, of course. He swore at them [the siloviki]. Then they transferred Uladzimir to another cell in the basement, and there they started filming him swearing. I understood that this was the reason to send him to the punishment cell,” she said.

According to her, before Uladzimir was placed in a punishment cell, he had been injected with some “psychotropic substance”. After that, he either fell asleep or lost consciousness, Alena says.

“On June 30, when the lawyer came to the meeting, Uladzimir told her that he felt bad from these “medicines”. And only on July 1 did he begin to feel more or less normal,” the woman said.

Although they still hold the man in a punishment cell, they bring him to the court hearings.

Thus, the last time Alena saw her husband in court was on Monday, July 4.

“This was when at the trial he spoke about his torture and showed the bruises left on his hands from the handcuffs. The judge dutifully listened to everything and said that this had nothing to do with the court. Claims, petitions, statements of the accused — all this is not the essence of the matter,” Alena explained. “Then Autukhovich voiced his petition and challenged the prosecutors. The judge also listened and said that his claims were unfounded. That is, neither the accused nor the lawyers there have any say. Everything they say is rejected.”

Uladzimir Hundar is an Afghan veteran, a person with a second degree of disability. On December 30, 2020, Hundar's house was searched in connection with an act of terrorism (the Autukhovich case). According to the materials of the investigation, during the search Hundar threatened the investigators, and broke his mobile phone. In May, he received 3 years in a general regime penal colony under Article 366 of the Criminal Code (violence or threat of violence against an official). Hundar remains accused in the Autukhovich case. Uladzimir’s leg had been amputated, but he was not allowed to use a prosthesis in the pre-trial detention center.