20 August 2022, Saturday, 4:29
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Roman Tsymbaliuk: Europe's Last Dictator Is No Stranger To Shame

Roman Tsymbaliuk: Europe's Last Dictator Is No Stranger To Shame

What is awaiting Belarusian soldiers in Ukraine?

What is awaiting Belarusian soldiers in Ukraine? Well, death awaits them here, this is the answer. I’m not saying this because I want to scare someone,” Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk said during the broadcast on his YouTube channel.

After all, Belarusians assume this war as Lukashenka personally said: "Two or three days will pass, and then there will be no one to fight." It's already the fifth month of the war.

All Belarusians are looking at what is happening with the Russians, who, by the way, were often plucked out of armoured vehicles pulled over for repairs or wrecked in Ukraine, in the Kyiv region, and wonder: will Belarus join or not?

The last dictator of Europe is no stranger to shame.

Well, first? Belarus has already entered the war. What do we get? On the one hand, Aliaksandr Hryhoryevich says that “we are already participating,” and the situation is as follows: rockets are launched from Belarus, and bombs are falling on Ukrainian cities.

And this moustachioed guy says that 'Russia is right, and we will not allow a Russian person to be shot in the back'. Wait! What do you mean, in the back? Who's leading the offensive? Perhaps the Putinoids, Putin's soldiers, are leading it. No, not Putin's soldiers, wait a second, maybe the Russian soldiers. It is unlikely that they are advancing with their a**** forward. Most likely, they are moving like all ordinary people (Are you homo sapiens? No? I'm Russian). That's why nobody shoots Russians in the back. Unless a shock wave turns them during a battle. However, it depends on their luck.

There is a sedative for the Lukashists already

It means that Luka (Lukashenka - Ed.) tells us that he is already participating in the 'special operation'. What's it all about? What do you think? Why am I talking about the high risk of war between Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus? Because all preparations are completed. There is a list of 16 – 17 positions, criteria of preparation of the country for joining in a war. Only two or three markers are lacking today.

On the one hand, it seems like they are talking a big game, they are saying that Putin is right in everything, and they are making an impression by standing with him. Like, we are oppressing the Ukrainian forces. But on the other hand, who will guarantee that he will not order to cross the border? Belarusians are also aware of this.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, of course, guarantee this, and I can tell you for sure that the Ukrainian military leadership considers the threat from the Republic of Belarus absolutely real and is taking preventive measures. They are not the only ones who mine the border area.