12 August 2022, Friday, 12:39
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Fly, You Fools!

Fly, You Fools!

Lukashenka is really looking for a response from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This week, two oil refineries hit the news feeds at once. The first one was from the Rostov region where a kamikaze drone flew in, and the second was about an oil refinery in Mazyr. The city is located in the border zone and unusual activity was observed there. Special services came to the refinery and began to evacuate the families of businessmen and officials and remove valuables from there.

The Mazyr Oil Refinery became an important entity after the imposition of sanctions against the petrochemical industry, in particular, against Naftan. Even before the sanctions, the plant in Mazyr processed many times more oil than its northern counterpart. Naftan processed about 150,000 tons of oil, while the Mazyr Oil Refinery processed 600,000 tons per month. However, it was Naftan with a smaller load that fell under the sanctions.

Traditionally, Belarusian refineries earned on exports and brought foreign currency into the country: these plants supplied 35% of their products to the European Union and 33% to Ukraine. Naturally, after the outbreak of the war, fuel shipments stopped, and enterprises began to work half-heartedly while filling the reservoirs by 97%, which practically caused a fuel collapse. Now they have to work exclusively for the domestic market, and the domestic market does not need so much gasoline and diesel. Of course, they return part of the refined oil to Russia, but there is no economic benefit in this case since the main activity of the plants was aimed at obtaining foreign currency for the country.

Lukashenka is really looking for a response from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Endless provocations or another attack from Belarus may be the last for the dictator. It is also dangerous for his 'wallets'. The shelling of strategically important enterprises operating for military purposes is an integral part of the defence against the aggressor. Depriving an enemy of fuel supply slows down or completely stops any attacks.

Lukashenka fancied himself a warlord but he has completely lost touch with reality. You are to be completely mad to risk attacking a country with an inexperienced army that has trained for 8 years with the best armies in the world and has real combat experience. He is mistaken if he thinks that Ukraine will not launch a couple of Bayraktars or other drones against some important enterprises to ensure its safety. This is evidenced by the attack of kamikaze drones on Russian oil refineries.

Lukashenka is afraid of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he is afraid of the Belarusian Kalinouski Regiment, and he is so much afraid of the people's militia, which organized a rail war and showed that it can wage partizan war quite effectively. No one will save the dictator when these three forces are reunited together. Most of the Belarusian military are against the war with Ukraine, and his wretches, who came with guns against unarmed people in 2020, when they see a real threat, they will run away from the battlefield. Lukashenka has absolutely no support and is doomed to defeat because of the state apparatus, organized by force and sycophancy.

The Belarusian army should immediately run away from the border areas and not put itself under an impact.

Our workers, too, should think about their lives and leave the obviously doomed enterprises as soon as possible.