7 July 2022, Thursday, 3:58
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Because Of Lukashenka!

Because Of Lukashenka!
Andrei Sannikov

Why did Russia attack Ukraine?

Because of Lukashenka!

Why has Putin started to crack down on the opposition, independent media, NGOs, kill and persecute politicians after 2010?

Because of Lukashenka!

Why have even the pseudo-elections disappeared in Russia, and the population has become cattle for the Kremlin thugs?

Because of Lukashenka!

Why has Putin returned to zero?

Because of Lukashenka!

Why were the Minsk talks after the first stage of the war condemned to Ukraine's defeat?

Because of Lukashenka!

Why do Ukrainian oligarchs profit from trade with Belarus to the detriment of Ukraine's national interests?

Because of Lukashenka!

Why can Ukraine lose this war, in which all decent people of the planet support it?

Because of Lukashenka!

There is no need to explain to Belarusians that any legalization of dictatorship, any overture with the psychopathic dictator turns into trouble not only for Belarus, but for all our neighbors as well. And not just trouble, but deaths, tens of thousands of human lives.

It is surprising, that for many years already, day after day, we have to explain that there will be no territorially integrated, independent, free, democratic Ukraine, if there is Lukashenka siding with its borders, with whom, for some reason, Ukraine strives to do business.

With a dictatorial Russia and a free Belarus, Ukraine would become not just a free but an influential regional power.

With a dictatorship in the Kremlin and Lukashenka, there is no chance.

One can start giving arguments again - geopolitical, historical, geographical, psychological, emotional, even non-politically correct ethnic ones - explaining why this is so.

However, everything has already been said.

You should simply believe the Belarusians that this is an axiom.

The Belarusians who are fighting for Ukraine today.

Who were defending the freedom of Ukraine on the Maidan in 2004.

Who were standing shoulder to shoulder and dying for Ukraine during the 2013-2014 Maidan.

Who have been fighting with arms in their hands against the Russian occupiers in Ukraine and for Ukraine since 2014.

Who have sworn by the Kastus Kalinouski battalion to fight for Ukraine as for Belarus, and for Belarus - in Ukraine!

If we do not align the policy of statements with the practice of real actions today, if we do not put an end to "realpolitik", it will be bad for you, as well as for us.

I read the news about what's going on in the trade and economic relations between Belarus and Ukraine after the loud statements that Ukraine will not recognize Lukashenka's regime and will have nothing to do with it, and now and then I come across strange information.

"Ukraine's special services have arrested 51 Belarusian tankers containing 3,000 tons of diesel fuel produced in Belarus and Russia."


"The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine has seized 33 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers belonging to Russian and Belarusian companies. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, the fertilizers were sent to the territory of Ukraine in violation of the customs legislation. Their estimated value is 650m hryvnyas."

It seems to be great, they have stopped the illegal deliveries and prevented the import of sanctioned goods.

Although in reality it means that in the midst of war, someone in Ukraine continues to make money on purchases from the aggressor countries.

Strange things are also happening in the military context.

Lukashenka announces a surprise exercise, pulls troops to the border with Ukraine, a large number: air defense units, missile forces and artillery, which will ensure their operational functioning.

Yet then, the Ukrainian government's in-house military therapist reassures everyone: "The threat from Belarus is unrealistic, because without the support of the Russian army the Belarusian troops will not go to Ukraine."

Yes, indeed, we do remember perfectly well that "no one will ever attack Ukraine from the territory of Belarus".

We can relax and forget that they came to Bucha from the territory of Belarus, that about 700 missile launches have already been carried out from the territory where Lukashenka is based.

It is unpleasant to believe the facts, it is better to believe the liars, especially the "experienced managers".

More recent information.

Ukraine was outraged by Lukashenka's regime becoming the chairman of the Forum for Security Co-operation of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) from April 25, 2022.

Get a grasp! - During the war, an accomplice to aggression against Ukraine becomes chairman of the forum, which could have helped Ukraine to defend its independence, but instead it will serve as an instrument of additional pressure on Ukraine through the "chairman".

It's not for nothing that the Russian Foreign Ministry got so excited and did not hold back its emotions: We warmly congratulate the delegation of Belarus (sic!) on chairing the OSCE Forum for Security and Co-operation.

Ukraine asked its partners-friends to dismiss Lukashenka from the presiding or at least not to allow him to attend such meetings. The chairmanship did not change, and the last meeting, according to press reports, was attended by all EU members except Estonia. That's the way it is.

Do you know how a great betrayal begins? - With a petty low act.

There is no such thing as patchwork politics - here is a bit of democracy, and there is a bit of business interests.

When it comes to the lives and deaths of people and nations, the aggressor and dictator represent only a threat, not a business model.

The war might not even have started.

It certainly might not have reached the "two against one" phase.

Why did it start?

Because of Lukashenka!

Andrei Sannikov, coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, Facebook