25 May 2022, Wednesday, 6:24
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Belarusian Military Opened Fire on Polish Border Guards

Belarusian Military Opened Fire on Polish Border Guards

They were shooting long-barreled guns.

On January 26, the Polish Border Service stated that Belarusian border guards opened fire at night.

“Belarusian soldiers shot long-barreled guns several times in front of Polish border guards at the Cheremsha sector at night,” the Polish Border Guard Service reported on Twitter.

They also reported that 12 people tried to cross the border with Poland illegally on January 25.

The State Border Committee of Belarus has not yet commented on the information.

It became known earlier that the Belarusian border guards are allowed to shoot without the likelihood of a threat to life after the possible seizure of a Belarusian soldier by the Polish Security Forces.

Anatoly Lappo, the head of the State Border Committee (GPC), made such an announcement on the air of Belarus 1, the state television channel, on January 24.

“I gave the command to use weapons without delay,” he said.