30 May 2023, Tuesday, 16:43
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USA Warned Lukashenka Not To Participate In Attack On Kiev

USA Warned Lukashenka Not To Participate In Attack On Kiev

Otherwise, the official Minsk will face a swift and decisive response.

The US has once again warned the Belarusian authorities not to think about participating in a possible Russian attack on Ukraine. Otherwise, the official Minsk will get a "swift and decisive response" from the United States, its allies and partners.

Ned Price, head of the State Department press service, said so at a briefing in Washington. He reminded that the USA had already "made it clear to Belarus" what consequences there may be if it "allows using its territory for attacking Ukraine".

The other day Aliaksandr Lukashenka said that the Belarusian authorities received a warning from the US State Department. "They came to our diplomats in New York and threatened us: if you allow Putin and Russia to do this, we will impose sanctions," he said. "If you return these nuclear weapons to Belarus, there will be this and that".

"We have been very clear in voicing our concerns about the increase of troops in the country, which is supposed to be independent and sovereign," said Ned Price at the abovementioned briefing. According to him, the increase of Russian troops in Belarus is a cause for deep concern.

Moreover, the head of the State Department press service said that if the Russian troops attack Ukraine from the territory of Belarus, or at least stay in the Belarusian territory permanently, NATO may reconsider "the disposition of its forces in the countries bordering Belarus". As is known, the Belarusian authorities are already outraged by the number of troops in Poland and Lithuania near the border with Belarus (they appeared there during the migration crisis, the responsibility for which is attributed to official Minsk). Lukashenka denies that the Belarusian authorities have aggressive plans against Ukraine. At the same time, Russian troops have appeared near the southern border, having arrived in Belarus allegedly to take part in an exercise planned for February.