19 October 2021, Tuesday, 3:47
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Operation Strike or Shurik’s Last Adventures

Operation Strike or Shurik’s Last Adventures

It's been a fun August for the blue-fingered one.

The combined actions of the EU countries and the continuing growing discontent within the country are driving the usurper crazy.

In honor of the anniversary of August 9, the United States, Britain, and Canada introduced powerful new sanctions against the regime in Belarus. Cockroach's psychophysical state is on the verge. They are testing one of his doppelgangers for a reason.

But any attempt by hangers-on, as usual, ends in failure. The network, of course, praised the acting of Lukashenka's human shield, but people did not forget about the reasons why Cockroach resorted to such methods.

Poor doppelganger, he was so much afraid that he even wiped the sweat from his forehead just like Cockroach. It is clear because he was given many times fewer chain dogs. The Belarusians have not forgotten how they congratulated the rat last year.

The most epic birthday present for Cockroach in 2021 was presented by Siarhei Dyleuski. The overwhelming majority of telegrams and YouTube channels, information sites supported the initiative of the working leader and joined the 10 requirements of the BOR.

Only one powerful statement of the strong leader and specific requirements for the Belarusian authorities shook the psyche of the under-managers of enterprises. They were afraid, are afraid, and will continue to be afraid of the Belarusian workers.

We are grateful to them for the information hysteria. As one of the workers of BelAZ wrote: “On Monday, August 30, few of the factory workers knew about the existence of the BOR. On Tuesday, everyone already knew about the Belarusian workers' union.” Demands for power are actively discussed in smoking rooms. Information about the introduction of a pre-strike state in the country was reported by the leadership itself.

This statement was probably expected by every Belarusian. A large number of messages and cheerful comments are evidence of this. But the most important thing is the willingness of many to stay at home.

At least people ask each other: "Well, how many cans of stew before the strike did you buy?" This shows the desire of everyone to begin to change their lives and the fate of their country for the better.

We will definitely press the illegitimate one. We want to start building a democratic Belarus quickly and safely for everyone. A better method than a strike has not yet been invented.

Of course, sanctions also work. This can be seen on many points every day. BelAZ drowned in debt and was completely ignored by once good partners. Each time, Hrodna Azot packs its products into bags of various packing companies. Thousands of Belkali employees were transferred to 2/3 of the bare salary.

This cannot be tolerated any longer. We need to stock up on everything necessary for the strike now. We will calmly survive the month outside the factories. But the walls of factories will hardly survive without us. We are all irreplaceable specialists in our fields. And only we can change everything radically now, just by staying at home.

Lukashists do not yet know what Strike is in Belarusian, but they will definitely feel it the hard way. Operation Strike will be Shurik's last adventure.

There will be a strike!

Artem Chernikov, specially for the Basta! Telegram channel