19 October 2021, Tuesday, 2:01
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Let’s Turn Off the Engines

Let’s Turn Off the Engines

How can you work for this government after everything that it has done?

All the world mass media started talking about Belarus again. And all just because a young girl did something that every person can do: Krystsina Tsimanouskaya said “no!”

It was a decision not to go against her conscience. And she became an example not only for athletes but also for every Belarusian, every worker in his field.

"Tsimanouskaya, by the way, finally said what every Belarusian should have said a long time ago:

I won't climb there without climbing protection

I will not go to the mine with faulty PPE

I will not collect money from parents for curtains

I will not attend the subbotnik

I will not drive the bus for two shifts

I will not work in the shop in 40-degree heat

I will not fill out these pointless pieces of paper

I will not go to your trade union

I will not hit people with a stick

I will not, I do not want, I will not try to look at this from your perspective, I am not going to "understand." Solve your own problems!

And this is the only way for us."

Quote from Mitya Oganesian

Indeed, why are we still working? Why should we listen to the phrase: "Well, you understand everything!" No, I do not understand! I do not understand how you can calmly work for this government after everything that it has done.

For the leaders and accomplices of the regime, we are the greatest fear. Everyone knows that often leadership positions are occupied by people with, to put it mildly, insufficient or completely contradictory education.

They are really scared that their employees know more than they do. That people will one day stop listening to fools, and reason will finally prevail over the foolish appointees. Well, it's time for us to act.

Let's remember that we are the vast majority, and they are only the incomplete 3%. Let's recall our large-scale protests. Then, even the word strike in the air scared the blue-fingered man and his whole gang to death. Right now, they, crushed from all sides, are most vulnerable. All the trump cards are in our hands. He lost a long time ago. We just need to drive him out of our country.

It takes very little for this: we stop working. We put our tools down, turn off computers, turn off the engines. Our professions do not matter, years of experience do not matter, only our common goal is important - the freedom of Belarus and the freedom of our friends.

Let there be a strike!

Artem Chernikov, specially for the Basta! Telegram channel