19 October 2021, Tuesday, 3:18
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There Remains Just One Minor Thing To Do

There Remains Just One Minor Thing To Do

We can change the country quickly and safely.

Not everyone can change the world, but everyone can change himself. That's exactly what happened on August 20th.

Each of us changed ourselves: we became stronger, more honest and wiser.

That is how our nation is changing.

A lot of time has passed, but our goals have remained the same:

- The release of all political prisoners.

- New and fair elections.

- The restoration of justice.

This year we have had many new initiatives which aim not only to help Belarusians, but to build a fair and democratic society. They act by different means, but in a consolidated way.

New structures have emerged, new leaders who are ready to guide the country on its way forward and change the outdated system. We not only want changes, but we are ready to take responsibility for implementing them.

The next step is just a small one. We must remind ourselves that we are strong, courageous, and free Belarusians who can change the world around us.

We can do it quickly and safely:

Businesses go on vacation.

Workers stay home.

This is the only way we can help justice prevail.

We want our families and friends back from exile. We want our country to breathe freely. We won't allow valuable resources to be exported from Belarus. We will need them to build a new country.

Let there be a strike!

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