19 October 2021, Tuesday, 2:06
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BAW Council: Strike Is the Only Way Out

BAW Council: Strike Is the Only Way Out

But concrete preparatory work is needed.

We all want to live in a normal country, receive decent wages for our work, feel safe and be confident in the future of our children. Today's reality in Belarus is completely different: workers often work in dilapidated workshops on faulty equipment, risking not returning home. We get a penny, and parasites of all stripes are fattening at our expense. The working man is not respected: we have been forced into an enslaving contract system, mass layoffs are arbitrary, our mouths are shut, dissenters are jailed, the truth about injuries and deaths at work is hidden.

It's time to get up off your knees. Indeed, in countries where wages and living standards are several times higher than in Belarus, workers have achieved this themselves, defending their legal rights by any possible means.

Let's believe in ourselves. April 1991, August 2020. The working class of Belarus has already shown its strength. Now we must win!

A strike is the only way out of the situation, but specific preparatory work is needed:

- Agitation.

- Preparation of participants.

- Distribution of duties.

- Readiness check.

What are we doing?

1. We gain mass - we establish horizontal connections: we communicate with colleagues/friends/associates, we check the numbers.

2. We carry out explanatory work (both verbally and with the help of newspapers, leaflets, and the Internet).

3. Personal and family preparation - where and how we and our loved ones will spend the time of the strike.

4. Financial arrangements - we withdraw money from the bank, stock up on food and other necessities for the period of the strike.

5. Practical preparation - we think over and implement steps to stop production safely.

We are the workers. We are the people of Belarus. We are the power!

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