2 December 2021, Thursday, 13:46
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

End Of Self-Deception

End Of Self-Deception

The junta will mop up the Belarusian embassies in Europe.

Belarusian diplomacy is degrading right in our eyes. Moreover, this is already obvious even to the uninitiated.

Today's meeting with the leader of the junta has become a Rubicon for the Belarusian ambassadors. The last chance to leave without being completely disgraced.

At such events, according to a strange tradition, everyone has their faces down. But today it was a particularly pathetic sight.

We have warned more than once that a loyalty test awaits everyone, which, after all the events in Belarus, is similar to a test for humanity. We and Mike and Josie also warned that this choice will not be presented to you by the society, but by the junta.

Those who did not leave immediately and tried to deceive themselves, today were faced with a clear choice - either stay with the junta, or be enrolled in the camp of traitors. Well, the junta has its own logic, in which it is impossible to be on the side of the people and it is impossible to remain on the sidelines.

Whoever does not leave now, from now on “does not promote the abstract Belarusian export as a neutral salesman” or “does not provide consular assistance in protecting legal interests”. An end to self-deception.

Now you are exclusively defending all the latest achievements of the junta. Arrests, torture, murder. Destruction of not only political opposition, but also civil society. The defeat of charitable projects. Mopping up dissent and thought in general. Annihilation of Belarusian culture and historical heritage. Finishing off the remnants of sovereignty. Preventing and lifting sanctions from a trivial business. Participation in murky schemes to circumvent the sanctions regime.

Ribbentrop was also a diplomat. And the DPRK also has a Foreign Ministry. Welcome to the Third Reich and the DPRK at the same time.

And, yes, the European embassies will also be mopped up. You’ve waited long enough for shame and resignation to come. All according to Churchill.

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