19 October 2021, Tuesday, 1:23
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It's Enough To Leave Town For Two Or Three Weeks

It's Enough To Leave Town For Two Or Three Weeks

The regime fears the return of strikes more than anything else in the world.

Siarhei Dyleuski, one of the leaders of the strike movement in Belarus, recorded a vibrant video message to the Belarusian workers.

The video message was posted on the Real Belarus youtube channel, with the words of Siarhei Tsikhanouski as an epigraph: "If everyone fights, even unsuccessfully, the system will crap out. It will simply understand that there is no need to fight for years, if one can simply not make those mistakes".

Siarhei Dyleuski said in his address to the Belarusian workers the following:

"Sometimes I think we deserve it: imprisonment, arrests, political prisoners, thousands and thousands of people fired from their jobs.

It seems to me that our workers are enjoying it all: discussing with a drink how bad the authorities are and how much they have screwed up the production and the future of their enterprises.

Every Belarusian family has a political prisoner, every Belarusian family has a person who has served days of arrest in jail, every Belarusian family has a person who has gone abroad.

To work in intolerable working conditions for a maximum of $200 a month is not a prospect for the Belarusian people. We must and can fight for our rights.

Thousands of protesters, districts, yards are not giving up to this day, there is a core group at every enterprise. We are not ready to give up - we are ready to go only to victory and only to the end.

We have only one way out, how we can overthrow this government and start working together to rebuild our country piece by piece.

The only way to change the situation in our country is to exercise our constitutional right: to go on strike. All we have to do is not go to work on the same day, at the same time, stay at home, go to the country house, go to the wilderness.

We won't need to hide for a month or two or three months - all we need is to leave the city for two or three weeks. At the rate at which the economy of the Republic of Belarus is falling apart today, the junta will have enough reserves for six months at the most.

However, if we strike today, in two weeks we will be in a free country. I remember how Lukashenka pissed his pants when he came to the MZKT, I remember how the guys from the Volat shouted at him "Leave!" and we all supported them from behind the front gate.

The authorities are afraid of us more than anything else in the world. The authorities are afraid the return of strikes more than anything else in the world. We can do it.

I remember August 2020, I remember how the workers showed the junta and the mustachioed cockroach their strength. The only thing we lacked in August was the coordination and cohesion of our actions.

Now we have that. Now we are united as never before. The Belarusians have already shown their solidarity and cohesion in the fight against the common enemy. We are strong enough to support each other in a difficult moment and to stop the whole country for two weeks.

If we do nothing today, tomorrow we will be going to work under police escort. We will not physically be able to live normally in our country.

Every day of our silence means new criminal articles and more people leaving the country. Together, we are the power. Together, we will win.