15 June 2021, Tuesday, 16:32
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Valer Tsapkala Reveals How Lukashenka Steals Money From Belarusians

Valer Tsapkala Reveals How Lukashenka Steals Money From Belarusians

The gray schemes of the Belarusian regime.

On May 5, Valer Tsapkala posted a 20-minute video on the YouTube channel with the title “Lukashenko steals money from Belarusians”, in which the ex-presidential contender talks about the “gray schemes” associated with the Belarusian company beCloud, which provides data center services, Euroradio reports.

Valer Tsapkala claims that the Belarusian Cloud Technologies JLLC - beCloud - has a “monopoly right to allocate the resources of all state organizations and institutions”. This supposedly allows the company to accumulate impressive funds, and withdraw them to private accounts.

“The Belarusian Cloud Technologies JLLC is directly subordinate to the OAC [Operational-Analytical Center under Lukashenka - edit.], which is supervised by one of his [Lukashenka - edit.] children,” Tsapkala says.

The politician cites the example of the KGB and the Ministry of Taxation and Dues, which could use the services of a private data center or build their own database storage, but allegedly cannot. They say that departments are obliged to use only the beCloud resource, even if the cost of using it will exceed the market price several times.

“A company [beCloud] was created in Belarus, where 50 percent of the shares belong to the state, and the rest is owned by the Cypriot offshore company SABSICCA HOLDINGS,” says Valer Tsapkala. - In order to confuse those showing interest in who is the ultimate beneficiary, the parent companies of SABSICCA HOLDINGS are registered in the Seychelles. All this was done in order to hide the final consumer of budget money, which is transferred outside Belarus.

Another part of the video is devoted to the monopolized, according to Valer Tsapkala, right to use the frequency resource.

- In all countries of the world, states are selling a license for a frequency resource. The frequency resource is part of the country's national treasure, - says Tsapkala. - It costs a lot of money. For example, the budget of the Czech Republic earned $ 450 million from the sale of 4G licenses to three operators. The budget of Hungary received $ 520 million. These are the countries of the former socialist camp, comparable to our country in terms of population. How much do you think the budget of the Republic of Belarus received for this frequency resource? That's right, zero rubles, zero kapeykas. Because the only exclusive and also free license was provided to beCloud. Thus, the budget of the Republic of Belarus lost about $ 500 million.

The video ends with the politician's address to the Belarusian security officials, in which he calls on them to conduct an investigation:

“Now, after the publication of all these documents, I am convinced that the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Belarus, the KGB, and other law-enforcement agencies will request the offshore Cypriot company for the results of economic activities, and also inquire about the ultimate beneficiaries of these companies,” the politician calls on the security officials. With a similar request, Valer Tsapkala addresses the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption, and the Department of Financial Investigations of the KGC.

In case any law-enforcement agency really responds to Valer Tsapkala's request and starts an investigation, journalists suggest the correct name of the company mentioned in the video - SABSCISSA HOLDING LTD.