16 May 2021, Sunday, 5:04
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Impossible Is Nothing

Impossible Is Nothing
Yekaterina Snytina

The famous basketball player shared her recipe for victory.

Captain of Belarusian national basketball team, bronze medalist of European Championship, participant of Olympic Games Yekaterina Snytina shares in her interview to Charter97.org Studio X97 program why she believes the Belarusian people will win.

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- You have a tattoo on your arm. It says, "Impossible is nothing." Is that correct?

- That's right.

- Can you show me?

- Yes. It's on two hands: "Impossible is nothing."

- What should we do to bring victory and freedom closer?

- Jauhen, work for it, resist, do something. To move forward is the key thing for me. When one stops, the same happens to one's life. And not to stop is the key thing. You know, it's probably ten years that I've never had a period on my Instagram when I was posting something every day. I mean, it's practically another job now. I want to be involved, to be an active participant, share information about me and the sports community, broadcast in this regard, participate in different initiatives, help the repressed and so on. For me, it means moving forward. These are small pieces of what "impossible is nothing" is made of.

One may think that things we do are a drop in the ocean. These drops made up a wave. One should not stop. If we do our best, then impossible will be nothing.

- Long Live Belarus!

- Long Live Belarus!