7 May 2021, Friday, 9:22
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Tell The Old Man He's Insane

Tell The Old Man He's Insane

The prize for the best idea to destabilize the situation in the country is temporarily going ... to the Ministry of Finance.

In the depths of this office, which has recently been mainly engaged in rescuing drowning enterprises, a brilliant idea has ripened: to abolish the institution of individual entrepreneurship.

Timelines have been outlined too. It will be possible to register an individual entrepreneur until July 1, 2021. From this date, according to the plan, individual entrepreneurship will exist for another two years. Then, be so kind to register a company.

According to the old man, this will increase budget revenues, since companies pay more taxes than individual entrepreneurs. This is the reasoning at the level of an economist from a state farm (in fact, this is so). Actually, people will continue to close businesses and make money, but they will go into the gray zone. There will be a stone's throw till the dashing 90s. And the people who just want to survive in this meat grinder are definitely not to blame.

It can be stated that this is a remake of a parasite decree with a similar effect. The junta is not about making money and creating. The junta is about robbing, milking, mastering and schematising. And about power over people. A bourgeoisie who has his own opinion? Get lost, go to Poland.

I am glad that victory is near. And the new Ministry of Finance will have the opportunity to cancel this obvious nonsense (even if it is now adopted). And not to frighten in vain 270 thousand Belarusian individual entrepreneurs. Who, by the way, paid $ 258 million to the budget in 2020. And they form about 3 percent of GDP. Let us remind you that woodworking and cement only sucks money from the budget.

However, we publish this insider in the hope that:

a) the Ministry of Finance will stop literally taking all the nonsense from the old man, which he blabbers at the All-Belarusian People's Assembly, and on other days;

b) in the Ministry of Finance there appears a smart and bold head who will stop this shooting in own legs in the style of Quentin Tarantino.

Guys, we (and you; some - after imprisonment) will still have to live in this country. Stop. Tell the old man he's insane.

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