7 May 2021, Friday, 10:13
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"Even If He Holds on to the Throne, It Will Definitely Not Last, The Regime Is Bursting At The Seams"

"Even If He Holds on to the Throne, It Will Definitely Not Last, The Regime Is Bursting At The Seams"
Dzmitry Rezanovich, Dzmitry Dubouski, Ihar Alinevich, Siarhei Ramanau
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The sister of political prisoner Dzmitry Dubouski shared excerpts of his letters.

Yulia Dubouskaya, the sister of political prisoner Dzmitry Dubouski, shared excerpts of his letters, the Basta! Telegram channel reports.

- I know that everyone who writes letters to prisoners is eagerly awaiting an answer from them.

So far no one has received a letter from my brother Dzmitry Dubouski. Letters are not forwarded to him. But I always write to him that people do not forget about him and show solidarity in every possible way.

I would like to place a couple of lines from his letters for all of you who write and will write, let this be a kind of his answer to everyone. I want you to imagine at least a little what kind of person he is and to whom you are writing words of support.

“It is better to fit into history as a fighter against the system than as an innocent victim,” he wrote in a letter dated 01/13/2021 from the KGB pre-trial detention center.

"A warm greeting to all, and let the faith in a world without power, coercion, and exploitation remain and live in their hearts. It is important to know that there are those who continue the path they started. The path to universal liberation and harmonious peace! Fight and win!" he wrote in a letter dated January 30, 20 21, from the KGB pre-trial detention center.

“... During conversations and discussions with comrades during our raid, we identified ourselves as a group of anarchists from different cities, who decided to take part in the resistance of the people against the unrecognized and occupying power.

In a word, we are anarchists who decided to join the popular resistance and support and assist the struggle of the insurgent people. In addition to elementary solidarity and sympathy with the people, each of us had our own reasons for this step. With a greater degree of probability, I can say that all members of our flying squad will be unanimous in opinion and will also declare their choice with pride and without regret, even despite such a huge time frame prepared for us."

“... such a policy is not new for anarchists, to declare themselves directly... Moreover, the time and the situation are favorable for this. Of course, there are many risks, but we must cope with the trials that have fallen out. We will certainly have long sentences, but this regime will not last forever.

Even if someone stays on the throne, it will definitely not last, and the country is bursting at the seams. You can't conduct politics like that and hold on to power, the ending is still the same for any regime and any ruler.

It is a pity, of course, for all those people who have suffered and will still suffer from all this madness and insanity. It is a pity for us too, We are honest revolutionaries and lived according to certain ethics, according to our conscience. And our reputation won't be stained unlike someone else's..."

You can write to my brother Dzmitry Mikalaevich Dubouski

Main Post Office, PO Box 8, Minsk 220050

Also, his 3 comrades were detained with him, all of them are in the KGB pre-trial detention center, address for letters: Main Post Office, PO Box 8, Minsk 220050

Ihar Uladzimiravich Alinevich

Dzmitry Rezanovich

Siarhei Aliaksandravich Ramanau