27 November 2021, Saturday, 9:13
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Former Chief Sanitary Doctor of Minsk: There Is a Quick Way to Stop the COVID-19 Epidemic

Former Chief Sanitary Doctor of Minsk: There Is a Quick Way to Stop the COVID-19 Epidemic
Ivan Voytovich

Our country urgently needs a lockdown.

Former chief state sanitary doctor of the city of Minsk, Minsk district Ivan Voytovich called on Belarusians to stay at home in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the country. We publish the text of his appeal.

"Peace to you!

I, like most people, am concerned and personally touched by the situation with COVID-19 in our country. More and more often, I hear from friends and acquaintances about the death of loved ones. This was not the case before.

I would like to be wrong, but the information that comes from our doctors differs from the official figures on the morbidity and mortality from this infection.

It is known that there is a twofold increase in mortality compared to the peak of the previous wave in some areas.

The health care system does not meet the growing demand for medical care, and from this, its quality is being lost, and we suffer losses in the form of human lives.

There are huge queues in polyclinics and emergency rooms, and there are not enough places in hospitals. Canteens and other premises in hospitals are being adapted for wards. There are signals from different regions about the lack of medical oxygen and medicines. The doctors are working to the limit. There is a shortage of qualified specialists due to layoffs and outflow of personnel abroad.

The statements of pseudo-specialists and some decisions taken at the state level obviously exacerbate an already extremely unfavorable situation.

It seems that one cannot count on adequate measures on the part of the state. Let's define what each of us can do to save ourselves and our loved ones from the dire consequences of this insidious infection.

It is urgent, right now, to: minimize the time spent in crowded places, strictly observe the mask regime and clean hands, and vaccinate with the vaccine that is available.

Dear Belarusians, I urge you to take seriously the need to interrupt the main route of transmission of coronavirus infection - airborne. Take a vacation, leave your children at home, and stop contact with other people for a few weeks. After all, health and life are more valuable. Neighboring countries introduce lockdown even with lower incidence rates and higher vaccination rates. One should not expect such restrictive measures from our state. Although lockdown is the fastest and most effective way that can stop the further increase in the incidence. Our country urgently needs it in order to break the ties through which the virus is transmitted, so that the health care system comes to its senses, in order to stop the catastrophe towards which we are moving.

Now, there are more reasons than ever for everyone not to go to work.

Be sensible and healthy! And may God keep us safe! For our loved ones and for the New, Free Belarus!" he stated.

Let us remind you that the leader of the Belarusian Workers' Association Siarhei Dyleuski called on the Belarusians to stay at home from November 1.