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The Truth about COVID-19 in Belarus: How the Authorities Falsify Statistics

The Truth about COVID-19 in Belarus: How the Authorities Falsify Statistics
Photo: TASS

The Belarusian physician spoke in detail about the methods of fraud.

The situation with COVID-19 in Belarus is extremely difficult. Yesterday it became known about the suspension of the provision of routine medical care in Belarus. This means that the healthcare system is simply choking on the number of patients with coronavirus.

However, the Ministry of Health continues to falsify statistics. A doctor at a hospital located in one of the regional centers of Belarus contacted our editorial office. He spoke in detail about the situation with COVID-19 in the country, as well as how the authorities falsify mortality statistics.

Up to 10 people die per day

Now the fourth wave is the most severe of all, both in terms of disease and mortality. For two months in our hospital, from 2-4 people to 8-10 people die every day. All of these patients are diagnosed with coronavirus infection, but it is natural that, out of all of them, only one person is included in the official statistics.

All the deceased have the word "coronavirus infection" in the diagnosis, and whether this deceased goes into official statistics depends only on what code of this disease according to ICD-10 ("International classification of diseases of the 10th revision" - ed.) the physician will indicate...

According to ICD-10, coronavirus infection is B34.2. If they indicate such a code, then the deceased is included in the ministry's daily report on deaths from COVID-19.

Such a code is indicated only to relatively young deceased (under 50) or "scandalous relatives" so that there will be no problems later.

All the rest are simply buried from pneumonia (ICD-10 code J16 or J18). And that's in the case if the deceased is subject to autopsy! If the deceased is elderly (75-80 years old and older) and is still given without an autopsy, the main diagnosis is "cardiovascular pathology" (ICD-10 code - I25), although they were also treated with the diagnosis "pneumonia" and "coronavirus infection."

The key point: if you raise the medical history of all the deceased from the archive (and this is about 100 people per month in our hospital), then 95-100% of them will have the diagnosis of coronavirus infection. When freedom and democracy come, it will be possible to find out exactly how many people actually died from COVID-19 in the country.

"Hospitals are overwhelmed, cardiac arrest can be detected in 10-15 minutes or even longer."

Another point: with the overload of hospitals, in particular, the intensive care unit, it cannot function normally, and, unfortunately, assistance to severe patients is not provided in full.

Due to the lack of beds in the intensive care unit, many severe patients lie in ordinary departments, and, if there is monitoring in the intensive care unit, one doctor and a nurse per ward (this is 3-4 patients maximum), then in ordinary departments, if it is not working hours, there is only 1 doctor and 2 nurses for a department of 40-60 patients.

When the condition of such a patient worsens, the doctor calls a resuscitator, and he, unfortunately, makes a helpless gesture saying that, unfortunately, there are no places.

Such patients have to be treated, in fact, in an unadapted department. Also, in ordinary departments, there is no equipment for monitoring the vital activity of the body.

If suddenly a patient has a cardiac arrest, special measures are immediately started in the intensive care unit, and in the usual, due to the colossal workload of nurses and the impossibility of having a nurse constantly near heavy patients, it is impossible to immediately react to a cardiac arrest! It's good if it is detected within the next 3-4 minutes, but sometimes, unfortunately, it can take 10-15 minutes or even longer.

Such a time is already almost fatal for a person. Many patients requiring oxygen support lack oxygen points.

The vaccine is effective

There are very few patients vaccinated with both the Chinese vaccine and the Russian patients. Yes, the vaccinated also get sick but not so often and rarely severely. Over the past few months, literally, a couple of people have died in our hospital (all information is difficult to verify), who were vaccinated. However, it is worth noting that they got sick when the immunity from vaccination did not have time to form. It's hard to draw conclusions when you don't know how many people are actually vaccinated in a country. However, my subjective opinion is that vaccination is effective.