28 October 2020, Wednesday, 8:11
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Yury Khashchavatski: Resist!

Yury Khashchavatski: Resist!

The main demand is Lukashenka's resignation.

Famous film director and public figure Yury Khashchavatski stated this in an interview with Charter97.org website.

- How do you assess the events happening in Belarus?

-More it less the same as the overwhelming majority of Belarusians. This is absolute chaos, absolute lawlessness, absolute meanness towards people. It is impossible to assess it any other way. Therefore, the only option we have is to resist it, otherwise devil knows where we will come in the end.

Belarus is at a crossroads. If now you surrender to Lukashenka or to the security forces, then a complete mass destruction of people will begin. The pressure is absolute. I think the parallels with 1937 are appropriate here, because the dictator cannot survive otherwise.

He realized the worst thing for himself - everyone hates him, it's pure hatred. And now he is trying to establish himself not as a national favorite, as he claimed himself all these 26 years. Now he will be Daddy Duvalier, Daddy Doc. He will now be turning Belarus into Haiti.

The tendencies of what will happen next have already been outlined, I warned that he would begin to surrender Belarus to Russia. The appearance of Russian strikebreakers on television is the first sign. There is a talk that Russian submachine gunners have already flashed somewhere, but I don’t know about this, so I don’t presume to assert. If you do not survive today, if you retreat today, it will end very sadly. Lukashenka will end up selling us all. First he will subject us to tyranny, beat, torment, and then surrender.

- What shall we do in this situation?

- Our only way out is to resist, fight and, as they used to say before: “when you sit on a bicycle - pedal, otherwise you will fall”. I can say the same to our movement, workers, youth who go to rallies. Guys, we need to be patient a little more. Such transformations in the country cannot be made in just 12 days.

You have to endure and fight, fight and endure. This is our only way out. How to do it? First, I recommend everyone to pay attention to the national strike committee of Aliaksandr Yarashuk, it is by far the most basic, most important and most effective point where all efforts can be made, and which the authorities fear most of all.

Also civil disobedience, peaceful disobedience. Take all savings from banks, first of all, do not cooperate with the authorities, go on strike and resist. I assure you, they won't last long. Here's what to do.

And the most important thing is not to be afraid! Because if we start to limit ourselves to half measures, if we flicker about the dialogue, if we say not “we demand”, but “we ask”, if we start saying that we are ready to allow Lukashenka to be elected for the sixth term, then we will be eaten …

We have requirements that were voiced by the majority of professional collectives, cultural collectives, industrial collectives, factories, plants and so on. All these requirements were formulated a long time ago and we must stick to them.

First, the release of all political prisoners and the punishment of all those who brought the country to this sadism and bullying. Secondly, the resignation of Lukashenka. He, even in a moral sense, no longer has the right to be called president. This is quite obvious, because all these criminal actions took place on his orders.

And the third is the appointment of new elections. These are the simple requirements that need to be presented today. We must not retreat. Gathering with the workers, showing solidarity with each other is the only way, there is no other option.

- How do you assess the work of the newly created Coordination Council?

- You can't let yourself be fooled. So I hear today that the Coordination Council is adopting a resolution stating that there will be new elections in which Lukashenka will participate, only with a different Central Election Commission and under international supervision.

I'll tell you right away that I was against this resolution and I voted against it. Because I think it has been prepared to let them deceive us once again. I predict what will happen. Instead of Yarmoshina, there will be another dummy, Lukashenka will appoint them, after which they will hold exactly the same rigged elections under international observation. There will be observers from the CIS, from Kazakhstan, from Kyrgyzstan, from Turkmenistan, from Azerbaijan, maybe from North Korea, and Mr. Lukashenka will receive not 80%, but 90% in these elections. That's how it would be. Although he will not go for it.

But, I repeat, why I voted against such a resolution. Because the main demand is Lukashenka's resignation. If we remove this demand, we will fall apart in the end. I think that now every Belarusian should be firm about what is happening.