28 September 2020, Monday, 20:20
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Address of Colonel of Special Forces of the GRU to Special Forces and Policemen

Address of Colonel of Special Forces of the GRU to Special Forces and Policemen

Lukashenka's time is over.

Colonel of Special Forces of the GRU Vladimir Borodach addressed the Belarusian law enforcement agencies:

- Dear officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers!

Our country has never seen such a shame!

We, veterans of the Armed Forces, Interior Ministry, KGB, war veterans, have shed blood for the interests of our Motherland, people you maim and kill today in the streets of our country, people who support you and arm you to protect us from our enemies.

You turn into shame for our army, the Interior Ministry and the KGB. Look at one you're defending!

You're defending a mad dictator who has robbed his people. And you're trying to throw these people into the asphalt for a sandwich.

Lukashenka's time is over. A dictator with his $30 billion will hide in China. You won't have a place on his plane.

You dishonour us, veterans, the Army, which has always been flesh of people's flesh.

The criminal Lukashenka has nothing to lose. He has the blood of his political opponents, my friends General Zakharenko, Chairman of the Central Election Commission Hanchar, businessman Krasouski, journalist Zavadski on his hands.

In 2011, Lukashenka organized the terrorist attack in Minsk subway to intimidate people! I am ready to prove his crimes in any court.

Today Lukashenka is using you, dear officers, soldiers, the Armed Forces, the pride of our people, paratroopers and my 5th separate special mission brigade, this battalion fought in Afghanistan. Paratroopers, Special Forces!!! This scizophrene turns all of you into death squads and enemies of the people! INTO TRASH.

Wake up! If you can't arrest the criminal Lukashenka, then protect your people! OR at least leave the streets. These people support you, not Lukashenka's criminal family.

Dear officers! Don't embarrass us, war veterans, Special Forces veterans. Do not damage the reputation of our troops, besprent with our blood in battles for the Fatherland.

Love Belarus like those young men, girls who stood in front of you for your and our freedom.

It's disgusting to watch how you bury the future of Belarus! Don't protect slavery and lawlessness!

Learn from these young heroes how to love your country; learn courage, persistence and dignity.

V. Borodach - a war veteran, twice injured in battles, Colonel of Special Forces of the GRU.

The honour is mine! Dear officers!