3 July 2020, Friday, 1:58
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Pavel Seviarynets: The System Is Already Cracking

Pavel Seviarynets: The System Is Already Cracking
Pavel Seviarynets
Photo by CHARTER97.ORG

One can observe signs of a revolutionary situation.

Pavel Seviarynets, the co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, stated this in an interview with Charter97.org for the project The Change of Power.

- Pavel, our project is The Change of Power. Is it necessary to change the power in Belarus?

- Of course, it is. The events of recent years are a crime. Every normal person understands it. We see that we live in the atmosphere of lawlessness, injustice and lies. The state policy line is built on lies.

Every normal person has no desire to live in such a country. We want to live in a normal country where truth, freedom and justice are the norm.

That is why the vast majority of people in Belarus no longer accept Lukashenka. In such a situation, one should change the power.

- You urged people to tell you about the coronavirus epidemic in the capital and regions. What information do you receive?

- At the moment, the information about the coronavirus pandemic in Belarus is horrifying. Even compared to our neighbours and the countries who introduced quarantine late, we face collapse. The lies of the authorities, the statistics contribute to it.

We are told that we have tens of thousands of infected people and 160 deceased. The daily information we have about cities: Minsk - 60-70 people with coronavirus are taken to the mortuaries; Pinsk - 6-10; Homel - 15-17; Vitsebsk has 1,500 people who died during the period of the pandemic.

It increasingly goes contrary to the official data. People come up with something terrible. No truth makes panic rise. The reality is that deaths are hidden.

One cannot hide deaths among medical professionals. As a result, we have much higher coronavirus-related death rate among medicals professionals than any other country in the world. This is a crime. It's a sin to lie about death. But Lukashenka does it every day. In fact, he's the one who opens the gates to this pandemic. He infects Belarusians.

It's a life-and-death issue. We are being killed. Previously, people could think: "They kill someone else, political opponents of the authorities or put them in prison. They knew how it might end". Well, what can you say now? What do Belarusian people pay for with the lives now? Of course, changes should come.

- You mentioned medical professionals who're dying on the front line. It has already initiated revolts - the authorities do not pay the promised bonuses for work in dangerous conditions. Would you like to address these people?

- Dear physicians, you are on the front line now. I understand that the only thing you think about is how to do your job well and how to save people's lives. Many of you are doing it automatically. You have to work under such conditions. The tension is high. The healthcare system is overloaded and hospitals are overcrowded. But all this could have been done differently and one has to do it.

Not physicians but officials should think about supplying hospitals. By Lukashenka's order, they did not do it. Lukashenka kept blaming medical professionals for acting carelessly and not following rules or orders. However, he is to blame. One must understand that.

He's been lying for 26 years. He keeps doing this. We must not tolerate it. I think we should gain courage and finally tell the truth about the death rate, the situation in hospitals.

Your voice can be decisive. Your colleagues in Babruisk, who have revolted over the lies serve as an example. You just have to say, "Stop it!" When physicians and teachers say this, I think the system will collapse like a house of cards.

- Will this pandemic change the attitude of the police and military towards the authorities? After the parade of May 9, people die there too. The head of one of the departments of the Ministry of Defense has died recently.

- Yes. In reality, the law enforcers are now facing death. When they are driven to the parade, forced to guard crowded events, it's a deadly risk.

Any military person recognizes the threat to life. Now Lukashenka uses the military and the police as cannon fodder just to show off. The enemy is invisible. It's not possible to fight it with conventional methods, weapons. It's a pandemic.

It's a crime that echoes in the hearts of many Belarusians. I think law enforcers can say "That's enough!". I know that many of them read Charter-97, read Basta telegram channel. They realize how horrible this situation is and conclude. At the key moment, they will be able to step up to the people and not follow Lukashenka's illegal, criminal orders.

- What may the mechanism of power change in Belarus be? There have been no elections in the country for 26 years now.

- Unfortunately, it is true. The legal ways provided by the Constitution do not work in Belarus. Lukashenka is rigging elections. There is no hope that one can just vote and wait for the opposition or candidates to do their job.

Therefore, public disobedience, non-participation in evil deeds and all these parades, sports events and clean-up days remain. It helps Belarusians feel that they are not alone.

When 80% of parents did not bring their children to school by Lukashenka's order, they realized that they were not alone. We don't listen to this insane man in power. We can do it without threatening our freedom or life. It brings strength.

When the pandemic is over, there will be a chance for mass protests across Belarus. There will be a chance to hold a nation-wide strike, an economic boycott of the regime. Not to buy in Korona and Evroopt (Lukashenka's wallets). Not to fuel a car at Belneftekhim. Do not hold deposits or withdraw them from Belarusbank. Do not buy anything from Tabakerka and so on.

In short, to stop feeding this regime. This may take several weeks, but in the end, it will lead to a sea change in the situation.

The world economy has been affected by the coronavirus. Belarus will suffer even more. In such a situation there may be a split in the nomenclature. The nomenklatura may recognize that Lukashenka's time has passed.

All signs of this revolutionary situation already exist.

- When will Belarus be free?

- Belarus will be free when we are ready for it. Neither Statkevich nor Tsikhanouski nor Seviarynets can do everything. I am a believer and I believe that God will see that this nation is ready to accept the freedom and take steps towards truth, freedom, justice.

When we realize that we make up the majority, show solidarity, take part in mass events and strikes after the pandemic ends, we will show that we are the people. We are the power. According to the Constitution, people are the source of power in Belarus.

- Can you name the term?

- I think that this system will crack in late summer and early fall. It is cracking now. I think that during the so-called elections politicization and the economic crisis will serve as a trigger. These waves will bring the Lukashenka regime to an end.

Everything will depend on us. Either we look at it and eat popcorn or we join in. If we join in, then it can happen in late summer - early fall.