30 November 2020, Monday, 4:07
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Nursing Assistants Wanted

Nursing Assistants Wanted

Comrade finally went nuts.

I think the previous day finally confirmed the absence of the regime. There is just an insane stodgy and elderly man wandering from office to office without taking off his armour vest. He cries out ramblings, gives orders, threatens America and aliens with a fist and tries to prove to himself that he still has power.

However, he can control Kachanva. That's why no one had claims against her.

In the morning, he broke into the office and saw his devoted performers, Karaev and Vakulchik, and forgot why he called them.

He could barely remember that Karaev had threatened to use weapons, and he had forgotten against whom. He could have used it against him, couldn't he? Perhaps, Vakulchik was an accomplice.

Fire him! Immediately!

Then he waddled away. He remembered that on September 17 he ordered to close the borders with Poland and Lithuania. He invited the person responsible for memorizing, and the person confirmed the order but had not heard about its implementation.

Who dared to neglect it? Execute all of them, and close the borders.

The order spread throughout all border checkpoints. The Honoured Border Guard Nikita Karatsupa with dogs raised on the alarm and the borders were closed.

The Belarusian citizens, who were coming back home, were shocked and asked: "What is this?"

- He went nuts," the border guards politely responded.

They also tried to understand what it was. They clung to the radio points, the tested media, because the bosses pretended they were aware of it, but could not say a word, although they did not know anything.

The radio broadcasted: "There should not be an iron curtain, so I close the borders. It has a safety background only, as the borders are a zone of friendship between peoples. They challenged us - what kind of friendship is there? But it's not the peoples' fault, so we close the border with them".

The border guards decided that he had gone nuts. However, they went to close the borders.

By evening, they explained that they had suddenly become concerned about the epidemiological situation in the neighbouring countries, not because of security, the threat of invasion, sabotage. As we know, there is no Covid in Belarus, while the fat is in the fire in the neighbouring countries.

It seems that some bold person gave a sedative to the demon-possessed man in the evening. After it, the pandemic-based explanation appeared.

However, the sedative has not worked properly lately, and the crisis is escalating. To solve it, we need professionals who know who to do.

In general, nursing assistants wanted.

Andrei Sannikov, Facebook