19 February 2020, Wednesday, 16:52
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Cottage Village, ‘Reserved’ For Russia, Found In Minsk?

Cottage Village, ‘Reserved’ For Russia, Found In Minsk?

It turns out that there are closed cottage villages with checkpoints at the entrance, in Minsk.

The Volna Telegram channel noticed the strange status of a closed cottage village near the Tsnianskaye water reservoir, which has been built since 2014, writes Onliner. In mid-August, Minsk residents noticed that its territory was surrounded by a high fence with a checkpoint, and it was only possible to enter it if you had a pass. Now, an even more startling news has appeared: according to a public map posted on the website of the administration of the Savetski district, the territory is “reserved” for the Russian Federation. The administration of the Savetski district claims that this is a technical error and the territory is assigned to the foreign LLC "Dana Astra".

Here's how the public map posted on the website of the Savetski district administration looks at the moment. The neighboring forest belt is assigned to the Minsk Forest Park Economy Unitary Enterprise, the garages in the Khalturyn Street are assigned to garage #5, and the Tsnyanskaye water reservoir - to the Minskvodokanal Unitary Enterprise. And the elite cottage village with a total area of about 153 thousand square meters belongs to the Russian Federation.

The administration of the Savetski district claims that such a status was assigned to the cottage village by mistake:

- Thank you for paying attention to this. This is a technical error, now we are writing to the Minsk city executive committee to fix it. We understand how such an error could happen. In fact, the land is secured for the improvement and maintenance of the operation of the territory. This means that the one to whom the territory is assigned should look after its sanitary and technical condition. This specific territory is thus reserved for the Dana Astra LLC, - they commented in the district administration.

Can a developer set up a checkpoint?

A month ago, Belarusian gymnast Melitsina Stanyuta decided to walk along the street named after her grandmother Stefaniya Stanyuta, but she could not do that: most of the street was in the territory of a closed cottage village. “At the entrance to this street, a policewoman from behind the fence sent me to obtain permission to walk along this street at the Dana Mall, referring to some kind of construction going on there,” the girl wrote on her Instagram.

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В Минске есть улица имени Стефании Станюты . Но прогуляться мне по ней оказалось крайне проблематично 🤔. ⠀ На входе в эту улицу за забором милиционер отправила меня за разрешением на прогулку по этой улице в Дана молл , ссылаясь на то , что там идет какая-то стройка . " Иначе вас заберут❌❌ " были ее слова . ⠀ Позвонила , в контакт-центр @danamallminsk с этой просьбой ( пустить погулять 🚶‍♀️ ) . Там удивились и направили в отдел продаж . Там тоже удивились , ушли думать 🤷‍♀️ и повесили трубку . ⠀ Как правнучке и внуку пройтись по улице прабабушки ? ⠀

Публикация от Melitina Staniouta (@melitinastaniouta)

The post attracted the attention of the media, because few people from Minsk knew that there were closed cottage villages in the capital with checkpoints at the entrance. What is the status of this territory and is it legal not to let city dwellers into it? So far no one has given a clear answer to this question.

- Is it legal that this territory is fenced off from passers-by? - asked the journalists in the administration of the Savetski district.

- This is a private territory. This land belongs to the developer on a leasehold basis. These are not common lands. Those to whom these lands are leased may restrict access to this territory. This is the law on the land.

- So, can other developers who have been allocated land for the construction of certain objects also restrict entry to such territories?

- The first deputy has already given Komsomolskaya Pravda information on this issue.

- Yes, I read that article, and the first deputy said only that the land was allocated for the construction of a cottage village. But this is not the answer to our question, and so, we repeat the question.

-We will call you back, - they promised in the administration of the Savetski district.