21 February 2020, Friday, 6:46
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Price Of Paradise For Lukashenka

Price Of Paradise For Lukashenka

One detail in the paradise that the ruler discovered in Iuye district calls attention to itself.

During his working trip to Iuye district, Lukashenka talked to the residents of the district center and admitted that he was surprised.

- I expected it to be worse, but I am very glad that it is very good here. But the main thing is that you live peacefully, - BelTA quotes Aliaksandr Lukashenka. - Frankly speaking, you surprised me. I thought I would come to Iuye, and there would be some dense village or a one-horse town. But when I came to this resort, I said to the governor: "You're doing great work!" And this is not what can be done before my arrival," - Lukashenka.

Indeed, this is a strange situation. However, it's not that Iuye turned out to be a "resort", but the president's expectations of finding a "dense village or a one-horse town" there. After all, Aliaksandr Lukashenka seemingly pays so much attention (at least in words) to the development of the regions "raising them from the ruins". Then why is he so surprised by the decent state of the town? Expecting to see an underdeveloped region, Lukashenka apparently gave an assessment of his own work. Which was obviously not high.

By the way, according to the president, many foreigners, coming to Belarus, are surprised by its nature and say that they have arrived in paradise:

- This is the second time I've been in paradise for the last week: the first time in Staryie Darohi - our most forested district. I was there a long time ago. I came and wondered how things were going there. Listen, people live like at the resort: there is a forest around, people are happy, - he said.

And this, too, does not add much to the ruler's coinbox. It is unlikely that the satisfaction from the abundant forest area can be attributed to the merits of Aliaksandr Lukashenka. This "paradise" did not cost him anything.

But what could really be a marker of his efforts as a ruler is the welfare of the population of the region. However, the President turned to be not so good with this, which he himself confessed, saying that "there are enough problems in the regions, but if people have the opportunity to live in peace, then they succeed".

In general, the message of the current trip to Iuye is as follows: the residents should continue to rely on their own resources and the forest area. As for the governor... He is ready to keep coming and being surprised that Iuye did not become a "backward village" under his leadership.

Sviatlana Miatsiolkina, Salidarnasts