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Tragedy During Fireworks In Minsk: New Facts

Tragedy During Fireworks In Minsk: New Facts

Eyewitnesses report about the incidents in different parts of the city.

Late in the evening of July 3, there was a tragedy on the bank of Svislach in Minsk. During the launch of the "festive" fireworks, one of the shells exploded, while the fragments flew towards the people. As a result, one of the women was badly injured and died on the spot despite the attempts of doctors to help the victim, Radio Svaboda reports.

What is known about the victim?

This is a woman born in 1955, she was watching the fireworks at Svislach, near Dauman Street. The eyewitnesses report that the victim was on the scene with her adult daughter. Immediately after the victim was injured, the MES employees, who were patrolling Svislach on a water scooter, tried to help the victim, and a few minutes later the doctors arrived at the scene.

Resuscitation activities lasted about 30 minutes, but the woman could not be rescued. The eyewitnesses reported a large amount of blood loss, the shrapnel hit the woman in the neck and probably damaged the carotid artery.

Incidents during the launch of fireworks in other areas of Minsk

It is known that the launches of fireworks took place not only in the Victory Park. According to eyewitnesses, fireworks exploded close to the ground in Chyzhouka and Uruchcha. There are no reports about the victims there so far.

It is known that there were more than 500 meters from the place of the fireworks launch to the place where the dead woman was wounded. The fragments smashed out the windows in the houses along Cherviakov Street at a distance of more than a kilometer.

What is known about the causes of the explosions?

So far there is only unofficial information. According to it, several shells of festive fireworks exploded slightly above the ground immediately after the launch for unknown reasons. Their fragments injured people and smashed out windows in the buildings. According to another version, the explosions of shells occurred inside the launchers and people were already wounded by their fragments.

Radio Svaboda correspondents saw pieces of plastic and cardboard at the scene. The sidewalks near Svislach were literally covered with them.

Comment of the Ministry of Defense

The agency's response to the tragic incident came two hours after the incident. It is a special unit of the Ministry of Defense that deals with the launch of holiday fireworks.

"The Commission of the Ministry of Defense together with the Investigative Committee is establishing the reasons for getting injuries during the fireworks in Minsk, - it says. - Four people were injured. One woman got an injury that was incompatible with life. The military department expresses its condolences to the families and friends of the deceased and will provide the necessary assistance. It has been established that the charges of this batch have already been used for fireworks.

However, just two days before the tragedy, in an interview with the Minsk-Novosti agency, the commander of the patrol company of the commandant's battalion, Lieutenant Aliaksei Kruhlik reported on "new products".

"I won't reveal any secrets, - the military told reporters. - But this time we're using new fireworks that we haven't shown before. You'll see the whole picture at the fireworks".