7 December 2019, Saturday, 3:58
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"Now Think About What We Get At Stores"

"Now Think About What We Get At Stores"

Photos of cows from Zhlobin that will make us think about the quality of our products.

On a farm in Zhlobin district nobody looks after cows - they are dirty, skinny and stand in excrement. Meanwhile, milkmaids are demanded to provide quality milk.

The photos were published in the Typical Zhlobin community, Silnyie Novosti writes.

The scenes on the photos scare with their cruelty. "Look at this, is that normal? - the locals wonder. However, besides compassion, Belarusians are also worried about their health: "And now think about what we buy in the store, what good product can be made of milk from such cows? We are sorry for people..."

We shall remind you that in March, after visiting a dairy farm in Mahiliou region, Lukashenka made a big mess - dirty cows cost many officials their positions.