15 December 2019, Sunday, 7:34
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Lukashenka: Sport Means Ideology. 0:4 From Holland Means Disgrace

Lukashenka: Sport Means Ideology. 0:4 From Holland Means Disgrace

The church needs to be reformed, too.

The dictator has spoken with the “State of the Nation Address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly” today.

The journalists of the independent media were denied accreditation for the event. Lukashenka’s speech was broadcasted by the Belarus-1, Belarus 24 TV channels, and by the First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio.

The website Charter97.org offers separate fragments of the dictator’s performance for your attention.

Lukashenka on reforms: We screwed everything up

Lukashenka has spoken about reforms.

“I am ready to give a go-ahead to any reforms that you might offer, don’t think I’m obsolete. If you want reforms, there will be reforms. However, many will not survive them. Let us say, we screwed up the very idea of reforms. The people are ready to go hiding under the blanket out of fear of reforms,” the dictator said.

Will there be the second NPP in Belarus?

Lukashenka announced the possibility of building a second nuclear power plant in the east of Belarus.

“We are now seeing a surplus of electricity, and we need to move away from natural gas and oil and switch to electricity,” the dictator said.

“I am against making monuments to Belarusian figures, that is why it’s Lenin who is standing here”

To the proposal to place a monument to Ciška Hartny (Žylunovič) and other Belarusian figures of the early 20th century, Lukashenka answered in the negative:

“Maybe it will be the next president who will address to the issue. You know my attitude to monuments. I stand against the demolition of monuments. That is why Lenin stands here, regardless of the fact that some dislike him. I am categorically opposed to the construction of monuments. I am not a supporter of this. There are things to do, and we should not be distracted by monuments,” the dictator said.

“Let’s sit at a school desk, take a pen and write new Constitution”

“They ask me a question: would you like to leave this Constitution to your successor? No, I would not. The future head of state should be a head of state, not wander around fields and farms so much. I reproached the government that people do not see them in the fields. Everyone must perform their functions. This is how our system is built. The time has come to look at it and leave to the head of state his functions and powers.

“Let’s sit at the school desk, take a pen and write a new Constitution,” the dictator said.

Lukashenka to the youth: start washing dishes

“Any youth in any state would be jealous of this,” Lukashenka noted. “A stable, normal country, where it is possible to work, what else does the youth need? If you want to wash dishes, like they do in the West, where some leave – help yourself. We can organize that. The school is waiting. The II European games are coming. Start washing.”

“Presidential election will be held in 2020, parliamentary – this year”

The dictator called the dates of presidential and parliamentary elections.

“I will not seek benefits to stay in power. Elections are due in 2020. In 2020, they will be held in accordance with the law. We will not play with the people. And this year elections will be held in the “House of Representatives”. They will be an exam not only for the vertical of power, but also for the voters, ” Lukashenka said.

“Let's hold elections close to the date of November 7, the Day of the October Revolution,” Lukashenka suggested.

“Don’t you dare try and snatch a piece of land near Minsk”

Lukashenka advised Belarusians to buy land in remote villages, “because Belarus in the most secluded corner will be in demand more than ever in just five years.”

Lukashenka also warned Belarusians against “trying to snatch a piece of land near Minsk”.

“It will not happen, I have forbidden to do this. Look at the villages, there are so many dying villages, the so-called unpromising, go there,” said the dictator.

“Sport is our ideology”

“Sport is our ideology,” Lukashenka said. The dictator criticized biathlon, skiing, other sports, where there is “a complete failure and no light in the end of a tunnel is seen.” He promised trouble if the women's match of the Belarusian tennis players at the Federation Cup with the Australian team is failed.

“The inventory must be domestic, our people know how to do it. And do not disgrace us with salaries - people ask for 300-400 rubles. What is it? Not lower than the national average, the rest is for the result, ”said the dictator.

“0: 4 with Holland is a disgrace! Children are looking at you! If you don’t set an example for them, they’ll carry drugs in their pockets, ”the ruler was outraged by the performance of football players.

“They will disgrace themselves with Shunevich as a head for one more year, and then we will not need such KHL, such team”

“We waste up to 15 million on wages of Dynama players. What have they shown? Not a damned thing! I am against this. Maybe, they will disgrace themselves with Shunevich as a head for one more year, and then we will not need such KHL, such team that brings only shame to the country, for 15 million,” the dictator claimed.

“If Kallaur had entered that garage, he would have gone bananas”

The dictator stated that “we’ve jailed doctors and we’ll jail them again”.

“Oh, no, Lukashenka jailed some doctors. We’ve jailed them and we will do it again. These are thieves, who take bribes behoind the people’s backs. Behave normally, don’t steal from people. This is a total disgrace. If Kallaur had entered that garage, we would have gone bananas. There was a warehouse of curency. He doesn’t have this much in the National Bank. No forgiveness for that. They have reported to me there are 100 more people in line,” the dictator said.

“Stop grieving that Lukashenka jailed them all. My mother taught me never to take anything that belongs to somebody else,” Lukashenka commented on the doctors’ case.

“Aren’t those who used their liver drunkards?”

Lukashenka also touched upon the topic of the Belarusian medicine, which is “known all around the world” today, according to him. The dictator ordered to report whether those 600 people whose livers were transplanted were “drunkards”. “Aren’t those who used their livers drunkards?” Lukashenka asked the ministers.

“Less than three kids – you cannot be a Minister: the dictator allowed monks and priests to have children”

“Do not appoint ministers from those who have less than three children, like Rumas,” said the dictator, addressing the head of the administration, Natallia Kachanava.

Lukashenko also criticized priests who have no right to have families and children.

The dictator declared the need to reform the church. According to him, people who talk about the need to have families and children should no longer be monks:

“The church needs to be reformed. No matter how much the Bible assures me, I can never be persuaded. ”

“We got carried away by the market-and-democracy game in the economy”

At the beginning of the speech, Lukashenka attacked the market economy.

- If prices start to rise somewhere, then the government, local authorities should immediately respond. We got carried away by the market-and-democracy game in the economy. I don't care what they say there, the main thing is what the people say. You see what this can lead to at the example of our neighbours in the south,” Lukashenka said hinting at the situation in Ukraine.

Addressing to the “eggheads”

“We talk too much about the digital economy, not understanding what it is,” the dictator suggests reading about it in Wikipedia.

“Man is unique because he is conscious. We have come to this in discussions with IT professionals. I told them that only a cow can give birth to a calf; only a woman can give birth to a child. ”

Speaking about the creation of the High-Tech Park, the dictator called programmers “eggheads”.

“But we understand that artificial intelligence will never replace a person,” said the dictator.

The dictator insulted Kurapaty again

A person, their initiative and impetus to live better should become the main propelling force of the country’s development for years to come. We need to be active ourselves. Not whining that some crosses were demolished. Don’t you really have a bigger problem? First figure out who placed those crosses and who allowed them to do so. But that’s another story,” Lukashenka stated.

On the Russian language

We fought in wars together with the Russian people. If someone wants to lose his mind, he will lose the Russian language.

They hanged a plate near my residence “Comply with the speed regime”, in Belarusian. Well, let’s imagine a Russian person is driving, what will he understand? He will understand the word “regime”. Is it about the Lukashenka dictatorship? Whet will a Russian person understand? Only that there is some dictatorial regime iin Belarus,” the dictator said.

“Are you nuts?”

“After the murder of the teacher in Stoubtsy everyone got agitated. Karpenka and others. They want to introduce the position of a psychologist in every school. Are you nuts? I was a teacher myself, they taught us that every teacher is also a psychologist. Where will you take the money for so many psychologists anyway?” the dictator noted.

“The brutal dictatorship of technologies”

In agriculture, there must be only the brutal dictatorship of technologies and discipline. No democracy for agriculture,” Lukashenka said.

He noted that it wa snecessary to think “not about how much we can produce, but how much and where we can sell these products.”