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Stoubtsy School Student Stubs Teacher, Pupil To Death

Stoubtsy School Student Stubs Teacher, Pupil To Death

The attacker has been detained.

On February 11, an emergency situation occurred in the school #2 in Stoubtsy: a school student attacked a teacher and fellow students with a knife. Two independent sources have reported this to tut.by.

The attack took place at about 8.05 a.m. on February 11. According to eye-witnesses, the student stormed into the classroom with a knife and stabbed the teacher in the neck. The woman fell down.

According to the preliminary information, the teacher and one of the pupils died. Two more kids are in hospital. Also, the locals have informed that five kids were injured in total. The attacker is a 9th-former, the sources of tut.by report.

“A teacher and a teenager died. Two more are in hospital. The attacker has not been detained yet. A special plan “Syren” has been implemented in 6 districts of the Minsk region,” official representative of the internal affairs administration of the Minsk regional executive committee Yauhen Sachak has informed to tut.by.

“Two victims remain in the Stoubtsy district hospital. Their condition is stable. Specialists from the region have left for the hospital for a consultation. The situation is under personal control of the Health Care Minister,” official representative of the Ministry of Health Care Yulia Baradun said.

Tut.by claims the attacker is a 10th-former. His classmates are still at school, they are being interrogated. The school students say the attacker’s account in the social networks has been deleted today.

50-year-old teacher died of wounds, Radio Liberty reports. Telegram channel “Head Brain RB” has revealed the name of the teacher – Maryna Mikhailauna Parkhimovich.


According to the preliminary information, the attacker is 15, he is a 10th-former. Before the attack, he deleted his page in the social networks, tut.by reports.

The name of the deceased 11th-former is Aliaksandr. The attacker attempted to flee by jumping out of the window in the third floor, Nasha Niva reports.

In the suspect profile made by the Stoubtry district police department, the school student under investigation for a knife attack is identified as Vadzim Vitalyevich Milasheuski, the date of birth is June 26, 2003.

At 10.14 the Interior Ministry reported that the teenager was detained by the operatives of the criminal investigation with the support of the special police. It was informed in the social networks that the supposed attacker was caught in the lobby of the residential building in the Sviardlou Street, Euroradio reports.

The relative of one of the injured school students told Radio Liberty that after the history lesson had started, “student M.” entered the classroom. He attacked the teacher first. The second youngster, who died, probably tried to defend her.

Then the attacker went through the back door and attempted to flee. He met two guys on the way and stabbed them, too. One of the guys had a lung and a collar bone injured. The other didn’t suffer so severely. All the casualties are underage. The attacker was detained in the Lenin Street at about 10.11 a.m.

The portal tut.by presents its own version of the tragedy: according to eye-witnesses, the school student stormed into the classroom with a knife, stabbed the teacher in the neck. After the attack, he jumped out of the window and fled. At school, he was characterized as a calm and quiet person.

The locals have told another version to onliner.by:

“The boy came to school to straighten things out with an 11th-former, and stabbed him in the neck. The teacher, apparently, tried to defend the guy, and the attacker stabbed her, too. Several more people were injured, one boy had his lung and neck stabbed, the other one is in the intensive care department at hospital.”

“In the morning of February 11, a message came to the police that a high school student stabbed a teacher and several fellow-students in the course of a spontaneously occurred conflict. The teacher and one of the students died of wounds. Two more school kids were hospitalized. The Investigatory Committee Administration in the Minsk region has started a criminal case over the murder of two people. A complex of investigatory measures and operative-investigative actions is being carried out,” the press-center of the Investigatory Committee claims.

They also added that the investigation of the criminal case has been taken under personal control of head of the Investigatory Committee Ivan Naskevich.

“According to the preliminary information, the 10th-former suspected of the attack came to school around 7.40. He put down his backpack and left the classroom. Then he returned and attacked the teacher of history, who was supposed to work at the first lesson. Two classmates tried to stand up for the teacher. They were injured. After that, the suspect ran out of the classroom, and went to the next classroom, where he attacked an 11th-former. The 17-year-old schoolboy died as a result of the attack,” said Siarhei Kabakovich, the official representative of the Investigatory Committee.

The investigative-operational group is working near the Stoubtsy school #2. Policemen are on duty at the school entrance. School pupils are handed over to their parents so that they take them home, reports Radio Liberty.


Parents of the pupils and local residents told Radio Liberty that the student who attacked the teacher and the pupils studied well and had no problems at school. He has never expressed any aggression, he was on good terms with his classmates. He has an ordinary family, he was a very good pupil at primary school.

The murdered 50-year-old history teacher had a good relationship with her students. Her former student Mikalai talked with the Radio Liberty journalists about her.

According to him, the teacher taught history and social studies. She was not strict and her students respected her fair treatment. Her students never complained about her. “She would never raise her voice! The best teacher ever. A week ago, we met (on the Graduate Day - edit.). She was as young as ever,” Mikalai said.

“I have tears in my eyes ... She was one of the few teachers whom I remembered as a kind and sympathetic person,” said another former student.

“The best teacher. Always right. A week ago, we met for a 15-year anniversary of the school graduation. She remained as young and lighthearted as she was,” said another former student of the deceased teacher.

The deceased boy was named Aliaksandr, he studied in the 11th form, according to tut.by. “Sasha was a clever, very purposeful boy. He studied well, hasn’t been spotted in bad companies. He studied history and wanted to get education of a political scientist in Poland,” said the relatives of the deceased teenager.

Soon after Sasha's father brought him to school, they called him and reported the attack. The boy died in his father’s arms five minutes after the man rushed to school after the call. The blow came to Sasha from behind in the neck. It is believed that the attacker deliberately aimed there.

It is not yet known whether the suspect in the attack and the dead boy knew each other. Both the deceased and the injured boys studied well, were excellent students.

Primary school teacher Iryna describes the deceased history teacher as a very good specialist and person: “She prepared many prize-winners of academic competitions. And as a person she never tried to punish a child with a low grade, she always gave a chance to correct it.”

According to the teacher, nobody knows the cause of the incident: “Vadzim entered all the classroom where he could open the doors. They even barricaded the doors, then he was walking with a knife around the second floor, until they noticed him and called the police. First he went to one classroom, then to another. He wanted to escape through the back door - it was closed. Therefore, on the first floor, he opened the window - and ran away. He was detained near the house appliances store.

They don’t let the kids out of the Stoubtsy school #2. The parents who are waiting for them near the school told Radio Liberty that no one is allowed in to see the children. The father of one of the students asked the investigators to work with his daughter in his presence, but he was refused.

“Now the investigation is working at the school, all the bodies are working, psychologists are dealing with children, there are a lot of them, and medical staff,” said Liudmila Staravoytava, deputy director for the academic work at school #2 in Stoubtsy.

When asked how the schoolchildren, who were not physically injured by the attack, feel, the teacher said that there were no crying children, the school environment was normal, but some of the crying parents had to be pacified though.

“The boy was a quiet and calm person, he had no behavior problems at school. He studied well. He has never been spotted in anything. Never missed classes,” she described the 10th-former suspected of the attack.

“A history teacher, 50 years old, Maryna Mikhailauna ... She was a very good teacher and colleague, she prepared many contenders in the academic competitions,” said Liudmila Staravoytava.

The two victims of the attack at the school in Stoubtsy remain in a consistently serious condition. This was reported to journalists by Head of the surgical department of the Stoubtsy Central Hospital Dzmitry Pliaskach, BelTA informs.

Now the school students remain in the intensive care department under the constant supervision of doctors.

The injured have knife wounds. “They have undergone a surgery performed by the local doctors. Given the unusual situation, experts from the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital were also invited. They arrived and provided all necessary assistance,” said Dzmitry Pliaskach.

The relative of school student Vadzim M., who killed a teacher and a fellow student, has told Radio Liberty that he has a younger sister, who studies in the fifth form at the same school where the tragedy took place.

“This is a very good family. These poor kids (Vadzim’s parents) earned everything by themselves. They bought a house, a car. I saw Vadzim’s father, my nephew, the other day, and asked, how Vadzim was doing, he is a 10th-former, maybe, he has already decided where to go after school? And he replied, antie, he is so quiet, homy person. Everyone says so about him. He was a good pupil, kind boy. Calm and exemplary. I don’t know how it happened, what he did,” the relative of Vadzim M. said.