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Maksim Viniarski: Feeling Capturing Commission Most Of All Reminds Fear

Maksim Viniarski: Feeling Capturing Commission Most Of All Reminds Fear
Maksim Viniarski

The activist of the European Belarus has reminded the officials about Hanchar, Krasouski, and Zakharanka.

One of the coordinators of the European Belarus civil campaign Maksim Viniarski posted on Facebook a story about how he talked with the election commission of the electoral district # 104 in Minsk:

"Yesterday I attended a meeting of the election commission of the electoral district # 104 in Minsk:

The issue of the European Belarus picket near the Marriott Hotel, which took place on October 7, was discussed.

A member of the electoral commission, demonstrating the habits and tone typical for a cop, stated that "Mr. Viniarski posted the following content on his Vkontakte page" and read out my post regarding the picket to collect signatures at the Marriott hotel, with essential omissions.

Then he said that the members of the commission who had left for the place did not find a picket to collect signatures, but found "posters of a completely different content." To prove their point, the presented black-and-white printouts of photos of the picket, in which, by a strange coincidence, the stand of the candidate from the European Belarus Vasil Zhorau was not visible, although other stands from the picket were clearly seen.

Further, the same commission member suggested watching a video on a laptop that captured my appeal to the guests of the Minsk Forum 2019 to demonstrate exactly which "slogans" sounded at the picket.

The video, no longer than half a minute, did not contain "propaganda slogans", as the commission member claimed, but a reminder of the missing politicians: Viktar Hanchar, Anatol Krasouski, and Yury Zakharanka, as well as an assessment of the twenty-five-year reign of dictator Lukashenka and a call not to become his accomplice. The feeling that gripped the commission when watching this video most of all reminded fear.

They seemed to expect that they would somehow be punished just for watching this terrible sedition. Finally, having waited for the end of the speech of the commission member, I took the floor and answered all the complaints made.

I noted the presence of a legal picket in the territory of the 105th district, the right to give evaluative characteristics of what is happening in the country, and the fact that the commission should not go beyond its authority and substitute other bodies, rushing to evaluate my speech.

At least one man from the commission shared my opinion. And he even called on the rest not to do someone else's work, not to substitute for the Central District, rushing to do their dirty work. However, the rest did not want to listen. One of the participants openly stated that she immediately saw in my words both an attempt on the political system and an insult to an official (she discreetly refrained from mentioning the name), and added that the commission must also respond to a case of a reaction from the law-enforcement agencies.

The air distinctly smelled of the meetings of the 1937-1938 model, where in the same way, losing fear and dignity, they got away from the alien elements, and separated those who disagreed from the healthy collective. The commission did not go further than a warning. However, one question hung in the air: at the time of the meeting of the commission of the candidate, nominated by the collection of signatures, I was no longer such, since I had not submitted the signatures to the election commission; I don’t have registration yet as a candidate nominated by the party, therefore I also don’t exist yet - to whom then is the warning?

There is still no answer to this question. But there is an answer to the eternal question "what to do?" First of all - call things by their proper names. This will at least preserve the remnants of honor, reason and dignity, and possibly change the situation in the country if everyone start doing the same, fearlessly."