26 May 2019, Sunday, 11:34
For our and your freedom!

Belarusian Drivers: "Time To Change Skinny Tires!"


The dictator's business is not encouraging at all.

The authorities are imposing a number of draconian measures for Belarusian drivers. First, from next year the traffic fee is paid independently from the MOT Test. To reveal non-payers, cameras of photographic evidence may work non-stop.

As a result, if an unscrupulous Belarusian driven is captured on camera, he may immediately receive three "letters of happiness: for speeding, for failed MOT Test, and unpaid "traffic fee".

Second, Lukashenka is developing the decree which bans vehicle sale transactions on a non-cash basis.

What is waiting on a Belarusian driver? Representative of the Belarusian National Congress in Homel Ales Yauseyenka answers questions of Charter97.org.

- What could you say about the traffic fee, the MOT Test, and three letters of happiness instead of one?

- It's obvious that the authorities try to get every extra ruble away from a Belarusian. Moreover, many people lose their last money. Our regime has no money. To notice that one does not need to be educated economist; one can only drop into a shop and listen to people in queues.

Second reason is a repressive nature of Lukashenka's regime. The authorities consider any liberalization weakness.

Such innovations are one more attempt to make people more obedient.

But patience of Belarusians has its limits, and no one knows a snowflake can cause an avalanche. There are many drivers in Belarus. As you remember, they are quite mobile and remonstrative. Just remember "Stop-Fuel" rally!

Once the authorities imposed "customs clearance" to please Russia, and Belarusians could not import used cars in good condition.

Recently, it became known that the authorities want to deprive people of the right to buy second-hand clothes to support uncompetitive domestic light industry.

It turns out that they want to force expensive Jeely and products of our light industry on Belarusians. Prices are non-democratic. This is what concern for people means. To be more precise, they care only about themselves.

- What can the ban on cash settlement for sale transactions mean? Will it be easier to take dollars and vehicles away from Belarusians?

- You know, everything may happen. I will not be surprised if vehicles bought for cash before introduction of the law are seized. There can be pitfalls.

- A Belarusian has recently met with an accident on Jeely. Safety cusions did not work. For three week the driver tried to contact Jeely management and even drove there to get explanations. But he was ignored. How do you think about it?

- I think it's the devil-may-care attitude towards people. Everyone knows perfectly about "Chinese" quality standards". And now it is spiced with disorder at state-owned enterprises.

If some defect is revealed in production of auto majors, millions of vehicles are withdrawn. I do not believe that Jelly will follow this practice.

- Can it be said that a vehicle is becoming spoils of affluence?

- Yes, it's true. A vehicle is a luxury. There are many my acquaintances not capable of paying for insurance, the MOT Test, traffic fee, fuel. It causes auto graveyards.

It's not an attempt to make our people ride bicycles. It's just robbery.

You know, motto "Time to change skinny tires!" is relevant like never before. I talk to people who used to vote for Lukashenka. Now they regret their decision. You know, even the electorate of Lukashenka turn to opposition, it means that the dictator's business is not encouraging at all.