19 May 2019, Sunday, 12:40
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Authorities Have Horror Of Popular Unrest

Photo by belprauda.org

The authorities have a horror of popular unrest.

One of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, Mikalai Statkevich, told Charter97.org about the reasons for his detention on July 3 and release on the next day.

– I would name two motives. The first one is the fear of the people. The authorities feel hatred on the part of the Belarusians and are very afraid of popular unrest. Therefore, even such actions as laying flowers at the monument to Soviet soldiers are brutally and inadequately suppressed.

The second motive is the weakness of the system that exists in Belarus. It is at a dead end, it is weak, it is unable to feed its own people. The authorities are not able to restrain themselves, they go hat in hand around the world. Russian money is not enough already. The regime has to go with the outstretched hand to the West. Therefore, one hand suffocates and suffers, and the second hand holds out the begging bowl, asking Europe to help. Something similar happened in my case. Before the rally, the authorities took advantage of the fact that I hadn’t served the 10 days of arrest after the interview to Belsat, which they interpreted as a call to an unauthorized event, and I was imprisoned. On March 25, I was locked in for 9 hours, this time, for more – for a day. Earlier, I was officially notified that I had to serve 9.5 days, and this morning, they came to their senses and sounded the alarm.

I refused to participate in that shameful show. The situation is very shameful, especially in a country that has lost so many citizens during the Second World War. The Belarusians had to endure terrible things. A man who calls himself a "president" praises Hitler, and his servants grab people for bringing flowers to the graves of fighters against fascism. Thousands of people are buried at Talbukhin boulevard. Civilians, partisans, military... Such terrible numbers do not even fit into one’s head. Such terrible events took place, there were such losses. And Lukashenka praises Hitler, and his lackeys grab people. It makes me angry. When they bring me to court for calling on people to lay flowers at the monument. I could not even imagine that it would be regarded as an offense. I expressed my position, what I think about the so-called "president," about the "judge" who was judging me.

I refused to participate in this farce, though the lawyer was persuading me to stay. I said that as long as I'm alive, I will call a spade a spade and will not leave them alone.

Then I was taken to the police department. I was against of being released, but the regime decided otherwise. I link this with the fact that the authorities are trying to conduct a so-called dialogue with Europe and cannot afford political prisoners. Therefore there’s such a mess. One hand is afraid and is detaining, and the second one is stretching the begging bowl to the West, asking for new loans.