22 May 2019, Wednesday, 13:02
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Shchetkina Told About Paternal Leave In Belarus


It's a perspective, the official says.

Necessary conditions are needed to be created before the reduction of the paternal leave. Maryana Shchetkina, deputy chairman of the "Council of the Republic" told Belarus 1 while answering the journalist's question about the reduction of the parental leave, finance.tut.by writes.

- The provided opportunity is three years. How these means paid during three years will be accumulated for a shorter period? If we mean a shorter parental leave, it means we should offer more variable and convenient network of kindergartens, private institutions should develop. It's a perspective, Shchetkina pointed out and added: "Let this leave remain".

She also believes that the parental leave for fathers should not be mandatory.

"Every family should make a choice on its own. If mother does not work, and father has a high position - why should he be subject to mandatory leave? Is it paid or not? If it is, than no one will refuse it. And what if not? That's the point," she stressed.

Maryana Shchetkina says that a family will decide who can go on the parental leave.

It will be recalled that in our country the parental leave can be granted to one of parents or other relative, who takes care of a child unless the child is 3 years old. A person on the leave receives the benefit. The parental leave can be used in full or partially. In addition, both parents can take a chanсe to experience it in turn.