19 May 2019, Sunday, 12:42
For our and your freedom!

People Interested Only In Corruption Grabbed Power


Even in the ancient Rome, the water system worked better than in modern Minsk.

Public activist, Minsk native Volha Nikalaiychyk said this to Charter97.org, commenting on the floods in the streets of Kamsomolskaya and Revaliutsyjnaya after the expensive reconstruction:

"You know, it's very strange to me that our Minsk suddenly turned into Venice. There are no grounds for this. In terms of water in our country, everything is fine.

Floods that have been going on for several days now demonstrate the mismanagement and lack of talent of the authorities. Their complete ignorance in the modern city affairs.

We are not in the Ancient Rome, where, I note, back in those days the water system worked many times better and more intelligently than today in Minsk. This indicates that there are no specialists in the city administration, the level of employees is extremely low.

I will say so, the floods reflect the general decline in the country. Belarus falls out of the civilizational context and Minsk is no exception. Soon we will see how the problems from many other spheres come to the surface.

However, it’s no surprise as the country is ruled by Lukashenka - an ordinary collective farmer. He ruined, I remind you, even the collective farm, which he supervised. What can be expected from him?

In Belarus, people who are only interested in corruption grabbed the power. In Europe, people who come to work on important positions are trained, they know languages, most have several higher educations and experience. Managing a city is not that easy!

Here, they put stone pavement or new asphalt, launder the money, and then tanks go on that asphalt. What can you expect from such people?

They are driving over the fresh asphalt, but we want to ensure that the gutters work properly? What an absurdity: the drainings do not work in the center of the European city. Do you know in what we will drown soon ...?