22 May 2019, Wednesday, 14:53
For our and your freedom!

Hrodna Activists Took To Square With Poster “Down With Autocracy”


The activists wanted to come with this poster to the official rally.

On the Day of the October Revolution, opposition activists Mikalai Salianik and Aliaksandr Laurentsiyeu came to the center of Hrodna with a poster “Down With Autocracy.” They chose it because it was one of the main slogans in 1917, Hrodna.life writes.

The activists planned to go to Lenin Square, where a meeting was being held in the morning, but they didn’t manage to do it. Police officers were waiting for them near the house.

Only after the rally was over, the activists were released and then they went to Lenin Square with their poster. Then they walked through the city center. The police detained them in Savetskaya Street and took them to the Leninski District Police Department.

“We did not violate anything. Today is the Day of the October Revolution, which we celebrate at the state level. We decided to take to the streets with the main slogan of those days,” – Mikalai Salianik said.