20 May 2019, Monday, 16:47
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Vayar Ex-Editor, Who Denigrated Opposition, Spread Rumors About Hundreds Of Dead In Arena-City

Vladimir Kozhevnikov

Vladimir Kozhevnikov got into a scandal.

Vladimir Kozhevnikov worked as an editor of the Vayar agency long time, was an employee of the Ministry of Defense. He is remembered for his publications, which denigrated the opposition, nn.by writes.

After the incident in the Arena City shopping center, Kozhevnikov wrote on his Facebook: “ Piles of metal hit the visitors. Now they are clearing the debris by hands. It is impossible to establish so far how many people have been killed. The survived witness say about the hundreds who died.”

In fact, two people were injured, when the false ceiling in the Arena-City collapsed, no one died.

“In the Republic of Belorussia (the correct name of the state in Russian), officials are hiding the scale of the tragedy. It is unprofitable to write the truth about the consequences of the collapse of ceiling in a shopping center. The debris has not been cleared yet, and they are keeping quiet on the victims,” – Kozhevnikov said.

Vladimir Kozhevnikov is a native of Yaroslavl (Russia). In 2015, Kozhevnikov, working in the Ministry of Defense, wrote that Belarus is part of the Russian world, and he essentially used to write the name of the country as “Belorussia.” Soon, he was dismissed from Vayar. He earns money by writing scripts for Russian films. He lives in Moscow.